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Played on Monday, 7/31/17

Awesome Level: 3/5

Recommended Age: 9+

Play Time: 45 minutes

Learning Curve: Easy – Medium (10-15 minute teaching time)

Description: Galaxy Truckers is a competitive tile-laying game played in 2 phases: Building and Flying.  In the Building phase, players must build the best ship they can in a limited time, all while other players raid the same pool of pieces trying to build their own ships.  Once all ships have been constructed, players enter the Flying phase and venture into treacherous space.  They may run into meteor showers, abandoned ships, planets full of goods to cash in, or even dangerous space pirates!  At the end of the journey, players cash in what goods they still have on their ship, and get extra space cash for arriving quickly and keeping their ship together.

The game progresses over 3 journeys in total, each time upgrading the ship size and capacity, as well as the rewards granted.  At the end of the 3 journeys, the player with the most cash wins.

Further Thoughts: this is a curious game.  On the one hand, it offers frenetic, fast-paced creative decisions in the form of little square pieces that each correspond to an aspect of your ship (and putting them together in limited time is probably the BEST part of the game as you struggle to create the best ship you can to survive the treacherous trip through space).  On the other hand, its high luck ratio can really mess up players.  Build your ship a little risky?  One wrong roll and it’s ripped in half.  Oops.  But the game makes up for this by offering 3 rounds, and moving quickly, so players can learn from their mistakes without feeling cheated.

The game likes to poke fun at futuristic corporate and its obvious that the rule writers have a sense of humor.  That being said, there are a few things I recommend doing to keep things running smooth.  1) Each round, let players choose 1 good (no Reds) to put in their ship.  Because only 8 cards are selected to represent your trip, you may NEVER pull a planet to get more goods, in which case your purpose is immensely diminished. 2) Have a pre-build without the timer so players can get used to what pieces they’re looking at and learn the rules of how they must connect.  …then clear the boards, flip the timer, and get ready for the mayhem!  3) Play through the game twice if you have the time.  You learn A LOT in that first play-through, and repeat plays are the best way to experiment with more crazy builds.  (just be careful not to break the Laws of Physics – they fine you for that sort of thing!)

It’s silly.  It’s funny.  I highly recommend it for any gaming group and/or family looking to play something that is greatly aware of its own humor and can be a blast to play over and over again.

Galaxy Truckers is published by the Czech Games Edition, and designed by the awesome Vlaada Chvatil, with art by Tomáš Kučerovský and Radim Pech.  You can find it in most board game hobby shops and always on the great and wonderful (it has 2 expansions out now, as well as an anniversary edition).

NEXT TIME: Steampunk Rally! 8/14/17



What we really want is to bring value to the world.

This is so encouraging. Especially from the younger generations.

It all started with the Questers’ Way team. Our hiring process was a little unique. Applicants were asked to watch some videos that define our purpose, along with an explanation of the type of person we felt would be successful if they were to join our team. We asked them to email us, and tell us why they felt we would be a good fit for them, as well as how they could bring value to our guests and members.

The response was amazing. I ended up interviewing over seventy people in the weeks before we opened. I was in the mall so much that they put a sign with my name on the bench I would use for the interviews.

All of these applicants were attracted to the idea of being a part of something that would add value to the lives of others. It was amazing. Each neighborhood was represented. From food enthusiasts who wanted to promote the value of healthy eating, to high school students who wanted to bring smiles to kid’s faces in the park, every one of them got it. The idea of a place where they could grow and evolve while helping others do the same resonated deeply.

Over the first three months, this mindset had spilled over into our guests. One adult said to me “I’m still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up.” It was a fun conversation that had some interesting parallels to a chat I’d had with a twenty year old.

They both wanted to do more than just work. They wanted to contribute. The older guest (there have been several who have expressed this sentiment) had had enough of working in environments and for companies that had no real higher purpose, or pathway for contribution. It was just work that resulted in a paycheck. The wanted something more. Although the twenty year old lacked the actual job experience, they were already voicing the same thing. They were holding out to find a livelihood that would allow them to make a difference.

Things are little scary right now in the world. The events of the last few years have left us feeling shaken and vulnerable. It’s good to know that there are many of us who really want to serve a higher purpose that brings value to the world. We’re not going to hide. We’re going to step up, be our best self, and make a difference. One day at a time, one interaction at a time, we can bring a little light, and help restore a little balance.

Jim Collins, in his book “Great by Choice”, described a common quality that makes leaders great. On average, these leaders outperformed their peers by a multiple of ten, regardless of the industry or environment.

These “Level Five Leaders” all act on a commitment to a purpose that is greater than themselves. They put this purpose first, and serve it with both humility, sacrifice, and a fierce refusal to be anything less than their best every day.

We need Level Five Leaders, and every day I meet more and more people who are evolving into just that.

The fact that so many of us really want to bring value to the world give me hope.

And inspiration 🙂


Want we really want is to improve our relationship to ourself and others.

I listened to two moms talk in amazement about how they had been in deep adult conversation for four hours while their kids played without once plugging in to a phone or electronic device.

I watched a family sit down for a meal in the cafe and then stay for an hour playing cards, maybe for the first time in a long time.

One mom described her day at the center: she watched her kids learn to dance, then they played until they were drenched while she got some work done in the cafe, and then they all made simple crafts together as a family.

I listened to so many guests talk about meaningful time invested in each other. They talked about unplugging and working out together, learning together, eating together, and playing together.

It’s almost like this collective sigh of relief at this break from our overly digitized daily routine. There really seems to be this growing shift back towards the value in actually being in the same place with another person and interacting without needing a message app or cell phone.

And then there’s the other half of the relationship equation:

A proud woman who doesn’t have any clothes that fit her because of all the weight she lost.

A family learning about macronutrients and healthy eating.

Kids proudly demonstrating a new skill they learned or sharing an art project they created.

Everywhere we look, people are not only working on themselves, but on how they feel about themselves. They’re engaging in self-reflection, improving their self-awareness, and consciously moving towards the best version of themselves.

Throughout the center, relationships are either forming, or strengthening.

It’s happening on the inside, and the outside.

It’s a beautiful thing to behold 🙂IMG_4140

What we really want is health and vitality.

The health part isn’t surprising. Plenty of adults are looking to get in better shape, boost their immune system, and reduce stress levels. Plenty of parents are looking for similar things for their kids. They understand the value in activities that supplement a healthy lifestyle, and look to make them part of their weekly routine.

It’s also been refreshing how many people get the importance of food as it relates to health. So many families have shared stories about how changing their eating eating habits had a positive impact  on their lives. They talk about their increased resistance to getting sick, achieving weight loss/gain goals, and the reduction of medications for everything from blood pressure and cholesterol to attention deficit.

All very cool.

However, there was something deeper that I could hear our guests looking for a way to voice.

They would talk about having more energy, or more quality time with the people that matter to them. They’d smile as they came out of Zumba or AIM sweaty, or laugh at their red-cheeked kids tumbling out of the park. They’d mention how much more relaxed they felt after yoga or Tai Chi, or how their child’s balance seemed better after ballet class.

Which all makes sense, but that didn’t seem to be exactly what they were trying to voice. There was some underlying, connected theme behind some seemingly unconnected conversations.


That’s what they were talking about.

It’s that sense of vibrancy that seeps into everything: the way we move, play, converse, and eat.

That’s when we feel alive and present.

Vitality goes beyond simply increased energy. It’s that feeling of bringing your best self to what you’re doing in a way that is so powerful anyone near by can feel it radiating out from you.

We can cultivate it. We can connect with it. That’s what our guests and members were reaching towards.

Health and vitality. Those two things magnify everything.

Sounds like good things to want in one’s life 🙂


It’s been two months since we opened Questers’ Way. What an awesome ride!

The energy of the place is amazing, and it’s been so cool watching over three thousand people flow through the center…each for their own reasons.

Every individual has “Quested” in their own unique way. When wandering through the center, you’ll see everything from kids learning to breakdance, to adults learning to paint, to families sharing dinner while playing Connect 4 and Uno.

I’ve personally had countless conversations with our many guests, and found a couple of common themes that kept popping up. The conversation would start with a chat about whatever neighborhood they came to visit that day: Maybe their child was playing in Pebble Park, or they had just finished an adult AIM fitness class in Move U.

The interesting thing was, regardless of why they came that day, after a couple minutes, we’d start talking about why they REALLY came. This would lead to a much deeper conversation about how each neighborhood in the center relates to each other, and how they could create a unique “Pathway” designed to get them where they wanted to go.

Through these conversations there were three underlying themes that stood out to me. Three outcomes people were looking for that really charged them up. You could see their transformation as we talked about one of these underlying ideas. They’d get more animated, energized, and excited. It was infectious.

So the next three blogs will be dedicated to what our guests are telling us they really want. Interestingly enough, it’s what everyone on the Questers’ Way team wants as well… not only for our guests, but for ourselves. We’re all sharing the journey.

More to follow 🙂


The University of Movement

kenjcaputo —  February 7, 2016 — 3 Comments

We’re designed to move! And not just because of the physical benefits. When we move regularly, our brain functions better, our energy levels rise, our immune system is stronger, and we tend to be more emotionally balanced. Massive amounts of research support the importance of even moderate exercise.

Here’s a fun link to John Medina’s “Brain Rules” site if you want to learn a little about the dramatic impact exercise has on the brain.

It doesn’t take research to know that when we move, we feel better. Recently, I suffered a grade three AC separation that had me mostly immobilized for several weeks. (It was my Golden Retriever’s fault…long story) The disruption in my normal exercise routine had a massive impact on my level of focus and energy levels. I also ended up getting sick, which is a rarity for me.

Here’s the other thing about moving: we learn better when we are moving! Our brains are more engaged and alert because more oxygen is pumping through our cells. So how do we usually end up attempting to absorb information? Sitting at a desk in school, or in front of a screen at work. Not good. Some are beginning to combat this by using standing workstations and treadmill desks.

Which brings us to the purpose of “Move U”. Since we learn best by moving, doesn’t it make sense to improve our ability to learn while we’re actually moving? In a Move U program, you develop a capacity to learn that will spill over into school, work, or just picking up anew skill for the fun of it.

Each program helps you learn how to “balance” your brain through whole-brain synchronization exercises. You learn how to reduce Cortisol levels, a stress-related hormone that decreases the brains ability to process information. You learn to adopt a growth mindset, which has a dramatic impact on our ability to learn new things and achieve higher levels of proficiency at virtually anything.

The coolest part is: it doesn’t matter how you choose to move. Dance, stretch, punch, tumble, or free-form…you choose a course of study. Just like at a university, it can be as diverse as you’d like, or you can specialize.

The expression doesn’t matter. All that matters is that:
You Move… “Move, you!”… Move U… Get it?moveu_trans

Today the Sign Went Up…

kenjcaputo —  February 3, 2016 — 8 Comments

It’s just a sign. But it’s not. For some reason it made this whole project seem so much more real. We’ve invested so much time and passion into making this happen for so long.

It kind of feels like when you’ve had your head down just concentrating on running the race as hard as you can, then you pick your head up and…surprise!…there’s the finish line.

Of course, this is really just another starting line.

The start of something amazing.

The team we’re putting together is incredible. The impact we plan to make is immeasurable. Our community deserves nothing less. This is shaping up to be even more than we had imagined.

Today the sign went up, and it feels like everything shifted is some indefinable way.

Seeing “Questers’ Way” stamped on the side of a building for the world to see lead to this crazy spontaneous celebration that ripped through social media before the letters were even dry. So many people congratulating, sharing, and anticipating…simply amazing.

Thank you everyone, for making it so much more than just a sign 🙂IMG_3346

Best Party Ever

kenjcaputo —  December 31, 2015 — 2 Comments

“That was the best party ever!”

What a cool thing to hear from your kids.

We think a lot on what makes a kid’s birthday party memorable.

For the kids, it’s all about the interactions with their friends:
Are they having fun?
What kind of cool activities do they get to do?
Do they feel special…the star of the show?

For parents, it really comes down to this:
“No mess, no stress”

Set-up and clean-up can be a little overwhelming, and we always worry that things won’t come together as planned.

Our Adventure Birthday Parties are designed with these things in mind.
Here’s a quick video if you’d like to hear a little more:


Food and Optimal Health

kenjcaputo —  December 28, 2015 — 4 Comments

A few months ago, I went food crazy. (In a good way)

You see, we’re opening a cafe in Questers’ Way, and it’s important that the food choices support the purpose of the center. Part of that purpose is to help families live healthy, balanced lives. (With a lot of fun sprinkled in to everything we do, of course)

So, I went food crazy to find out how important what we eat really is to our overall health. Now, I’m already in good shape and have always eaten reasonably well. Here’s what I changed:

Eating only “single ingredient foods”. That means nothing processed or made with corn oil, soy, etc. Pretty much I’ve been eating lean meat, fruits, veggies, seeds, eggs, and supplementing with a high quality protein powder in my daily shakes.

Including healthy fats like avocado oil & coconut oil in the foods I prepare.

Getting carbs from healthy sources likesweet potatoes and whole grain rice.

The result? Increased energy, more muscle, and no joint pain. I can run without knee pain for the first time in years. I simply cannot believe how good I feel.

Yep, food makes a HUGE difference. Crossroads Cafe will not only serve foods that will help you feel this way, it will also help you learn to do this for yourself and your family.

Check out this video to find out a little more about our super cool cafe 🙂

12 Minutes of…..

kenjcaputo —  November 4, 2015 — 3 Comments

Lisa asked me to give her an explanation of Questers’ Way. It was’t planned or rehearsed. Once I got warmed up, I couldn’t shut up. It actually ended up being a pretty good overview of Questers’ Way and its purpose. Feel free to check it out:)

By the way, we’ve already had quite few people ask about job opportunities. If that’s you, watching this video would be a good way to get a feel for who we are and what we’re about.

So…here’s a 12 minute riff on Questers” Way.