About Questers’ Way

Questers’ Way is a fusion of family, fun, and education.

The center will open in the Eastbrook Mall, Mansfield CT in early 2016.

Learn more at http://www.questersway.com

4 responses to About Questers’ Way


    Hello! My names Coralyn Nagel and i was hoping to find out if the party coordinator position is still available? I watched the video description and I am very interested! I am very creative, responsible, resourceful & Organized! I love children- i have two of my own! This would be an amazing opportunity & i could bring so much to your company! I would love to be part of the team!!



    When will you start to book birthday parties?



      We are waiting for the completion of construction and for the town to clear us to open for business before we begin booking parties. We want to make sure we can guarantee we’ll be open before scheduling any parties.

      We should have a better indication by the end of the week, but we’re hoping to be ready to book parties beginning the first week of April 🙂


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