The food movement is real (WWL Part 4)

kenjcaputo —  April 18, 2017 — Leave a comment

We’ve learned that the food movement is a real thing.

People are getting SMART. They’re getting educated. I’ve lost track of how many conversations we’ve had about the impact the food we eat has on our bodies and brains. The two topics that tend to come up the most are ingredients and nutrients.

Recognizing the impact of what ingredients are being used in food comes up a lot. Parents have been reduced to tears as they talk about their child being transformed by a simple dietary change. They tell us stories of positive behavioral changes, or getting off meds for ADD, or the profound effect food has on their autistic child. It’s inspiring.

They’re reading the labels, and steering away from things that have a long list of chemicals we can’t even pronounce. It is so cool hearing them ask Felita about what’s in the dressings we make from scratch, or how much they appreciate the fact that our Mac & Cheese only has six ingredients. No food dyes, extra sugar, or hydrogenated oils. Even the kids are paying attention. I had a 10 year old boy checking to see how much sugar was in a drink before decided whether he wanted it. It was awesome to see 🙂

Understanding micro and macro nutrients has been a huge topic of conversation as well. Balancing protein, fat, and carbs is something our guests are taking into consideration when building their meal. They’re also paying attention to the fact that carbs or fat aren’t bad…it’s all about understanding which foods provide you with healthy sources of the nutrients we need.

By the way, here’s a link to an earlier post I wrote about the impact of eating “clean”. Eating this way has absolutely changed my life. Check it out: Food and Optimal Health

Our regular guests are coming up with some awesome meals from our menu. If you’re not familiar with how we do things, we provide some pre-made suggestions – my “Macrobowl”, for example, is super popular. It’s just chicken, veggies, sweet potato and brown rice cooked in coconut oil.

Or you can choose from a variety of healthy proteins, fats, and carbs, the build your own meal. You can bowl it (warm in rice or quinoa), wrap it (in a sweet potato wrap), bed it (we make amazing salads, or plate it (a lot of kids like their food separated on a plate).

In the end, we’ve learned that more and more people are taking control of what goes in their bodies. They’re asking good questions, preparing healthy food options for their families, and feeling better because of it. Their energy is better, their moods are more stable, and they get sick less often.

My favorite story has been watching a dear friend of mine lose over 50 pounds in about six months by just eating simple, balanced meals that consist of real, healthy food. He didn’t cut out carbs, or do some weird diet. He just ate healthy, balanced meals and avoided processed foods.

Even my granddaughter is exited to learn about food. I’ll leave you with a little video with her that always makes me smile 🙂

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