What We’ve Learned (Part 1)

kenjcaputo —  April 12, 2017 — 5 Comments


What we’ve learned from our first year in business:

Questers’ Way is now a year old, and it’s been quite the ride. So many people have experienced the center in so many ways. Families, teachers, students, and business owners have all become part of our community. We’ve been embraced, and it’s beautiful.

We’ve learned so many things in this first year. I’m not talking so much about the business itself. I’m talking about people. We’ve learned a lot about what’s important to them. And it’s so encouraging.

Behind all of the fun, and food, and learning, our guests and members have demonstrated a profound desire for connection. Connection to each other, to themselves, and to their community. That’s what we had hoped for: that if we created a space that was warm and inviting, that was both fun and educational, and filled with positive energy, it would begin to fill with life. And it has 🙂

I always refer to Questers’ Way as “The Center”. That’s what it’s intended to be: a place that sits in the middle of one’s life. And that’s what it’s become. The center has become a gathering place for everything from a place to share a meal, to an opportunity to learn a skill, to a place for the celebration of a life event.

We’ve learned a lot about people, and I’d like to share some of what we’ve learned here. I’d like to start with something I’ve personally learned. (Or maybe it would be more accurate to say it’s something I’ve been reminded to be true)

You see, It’s been eight months since I’ve touched this blog. I’ve been reminded that, sometimes, you just have to put your head down and do the work. Talking about it comes later. Now it’s feeling like it’s time to talk again. If you know me personally, I could use a little gentle encouragement. Message me with your stories. Ask me some questions. You all inspire me every day, and I’d love for you to add a little more fuel to my fire.

Tomorrow, I’ll share something else we’ve learned. And then again the day after that. From there, we shall see 🙂

Welcome to year two of Questers’ Way!

5 responses to What We’ve Learned (Part 1)


    You have hit the nail on the head perfectly with your observation that the center is a place to create and affirm connections to others. QW and the dojo are the places I go when I need a lift in my daily life. I know when I arrive, someone will always be happy to see me, and I am always so uplifted when I see so many positive, cheerful faces. The spirit here is always so genuine and beautiful. You can’t help but walk away feeling better about life, people and the world. And it’s all because of your (and Lisa’s) vision.



      Thank you for the kind words:) It’s people like you who make it so special, and motivate us keep doing everything we can to make the center an awesome place for our community.



    Happy and honored to be a part of it. Here’s to making year 2 even more awesome!



    When I was 14 Ken you helped me to stay away from bad I fluences and taught me about inner strength I forgot that lesson for may years but today I am sober and even though I do not practice martial arts anymore I am co stantly using the techniques you taught me, Thai chi, how energy flows through us, I even “make my hand grow” from time to time. Most importantly Ken you taught me self respect something that while using drugs and alcohol I completely pushed to the side, now it’s something I strive to do everyday. Respect myself so that I can respect others.



      Thank you Colby 🙂 So happy that you are doing well. It’s heart warming to know that weathered the tough times and are now in a better place. So very proud of you!


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