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I’ve been asked to add a little bit of a personal element to this blog, so if you see the title above, that’s just me taking a moment to randomly recognize beauty and the challenges we face. This is the mental ratio I try to keep…five positive thoughts for every negative one. I choose to view the “negative” as a challenge, so there you go. (Special thanks to Martin Seligman and his work, which introduced me to the field of positive psychology)

Grateful times five:

  1. Holding my 3 year old granddaughter and having her rest her head on my shoulder and her hand on my heart.
  2. Listening to a song my wife shared with me while she danced…badly…as we listened. (The song was “Faster” by Matt Nathanson)
  3. Watching Gracie (my Golden Retriever) buzz around like a hummingbird on our morning walk.
  4. I’ve been reading “Superbosses” by Sydney Finkelstein. Hearing the stories of amazing leaders like Bill Walsh and Ralph Lauren has been inspiring. It has also validated many of my personal beliefs regarding how to lead a company and how to help amazing, talented people realize their full potential.
  5. Taking a day off and enjoying the beach with my family.

One Challenge

Completely shredding my AC joint last Thanksgiving. Every ligament tore through, leaving nothing but skin and muscle holding my arm attached to my body.

This resulted in:
Two months of no sleep and immobilization as I tried to hold my arm in place and hope that it would scar up without surgery.

Two more months of PT while trying not to tear any of the newly formed scar tissue.

Another two months of slowly regaining strength and flexibility.

At that point I had lost about 14 pounds due to the inactivity, loss of appetite, and the long days resulting from prepping to open Questers’ Way.

Now, over eight months removed from the injury, I’m about to complete a 12 week compound body resistance training program, have regained the weight and muscle lost, and am pretty much feeling like my old self again.

This challenge taught me A LOT. I learned some new things about fitness and nutrition, as well as managing pain and the patience and perseverance necessary to win at rehabbing from an injury.

More importantly, it gave me a greater sense of empathy for those who wish to care for themselves physically, and are facing their own challenge. It’s frustrating and demoralizing. You can’t really understand unless you’ve been through it. If it’s chronic, it’s even harder. At least I knew that my odds were pretty good that I could make a full recovery. Not everyone is that fortunate.

For all of you out there battling to keep yourself functioning both physically and mentally, my heart is with you 🙂 When it gets really bad, take a look around and see if you can find five things (see above for examples lol). You may find a little shift in perspective can help. It certainly helped me 🙂