What We Really Want (Part 4 of 4)

kenjcaputo —  July 14, 2016 — Leave a comment

What we really want is to bring value to the world.

This is so encouraging. Especially from the younger generations.

It all started with the Questers’ Way team. Our hiring process was a little unique. Applicants were asked to watch some videos that define our purpose, along with an explanation of the type of person we felt would be successful if they were to join our team. We asked them to email us, and tell us why they felt we would be a good fit for them, as well as how they could bring value to our guests and members.

The response was amazing. I ended up interviewing over seventy people in the weeks before we opened. I was in the mall so much that they put a sign with my name on the bench I would use for the interviews.

All of these applicants were attracted to the idea of being a part of something that would add value to the lives of others. It was amazing. Each neighborhood was represented. From food enthusiasts who wanted to promote the value of healthy eating, to high school students who wanted to bring smiles to kid’s faces in the park, every one of them got it. The idea of a place where they could grow and evolve while helping others do the same resonated deeply.

Over the first three months, this mindset had spilled over into our guests. One adult said to me “I’m still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up.” It was a fun conversation that had some interesting parallels to a chat I’d had with a twenty year old.

They both wanted to do more than just work. They wanted to contribute. The older guest (there have been several who have expressed this sentiment) had had enough of working in environments and for companies that had no real higher purpose, or pathway for contribution. It was just work that resulted in a paycheck. The wanted something more. Although the twenty year old lacked the actual job experience, they were already voicing the same thing. They were holding out to find a livelihood that would allow them to make a difference.

Things are little scary right now in the world. The events of the last few years have left us feeling shaken and vulnerable. It’s good to know that there are many of us who really want to serve a higher purpose that brings value to the world. We’re not going to hide. We’re going to step up, be our best self, and make a difference. One day at a time, one interaction at a time, we can bring a little light, and help restore a little balance.

Jim Collins, in his book “Great by Choice”, described a common quality that makes leaders great. On average, these leaders outperformed their peers by a multiple of ten, regardless of the industry or environment.

These “Level Five Leaders” all act on a commitment to a purpose that is greater than themselves. They put this purpose first, and serve it with both humility, sacrifice, and a fierce refusal to be anything less than their best every day.

We need Level Five Leaders, and every day I meet more and more people who are evolving into just that.

The fact that so many of us really want to bring value to the world give me hope.

And inspiration 🙂


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