What We Really Want (Part 2 of 4)

kenjcaputo —  July 3, 2016 — 1 Comment

What we really want is health and vitality.

The health part isn’t surprising. Plenty of adults are looking to get in better shape, boost their immune system, and reduce stress levels. Plenty of parents are looking for similar things for their kids. They understand the value in activities that supplement a healthy lifestyle, and look to make them part of their weekly routine.

It’s also been refreshing how many people get the importance of food as it relates to health. So many families have shared stories about how changing their eating eating habits had a positive impact  on their lives. They talk about their increased resistance to getting sick, achieving weight loss/gain goals, and the reduction of medications for everything from blood pressure and cholesterol to attention deficit.

All very cool.

However, there was something deeper that I could hear our guests looking for a way to voice.

They would talk about having more energy, or more quality time with the people that matter to them. They’d smile as they came out of Zumba or AIM sweaty, or laugh at their red-cheeked kids tumbling out of the park. They’d mention how much more relaxed they felt after yoga or Tai Chi, or how their child’s balance seemed better after ballet class.

Which all makes sense, but that didn’t seem to be exactly what they were trying to voice. There was some underlying, connected theme behind some seemingly unconnected conversations.


That’s what they were talking about.

It’s that sense of vibrancy that seeps into everything: the way we move, play, converse, and eat.

That’s when we feel alive and present.

Vitality goes beyond simply increased energy. It’s that feeling of bringing your best self to what you’re doing in a way that is so powerful anyone near by can feel it radiating out from you.

We can cultivate it. We can connect with it. That’s what our guests and members were reaching towards.

Health and vitality. Those two things magnify everything.

Sounds like good things to want in one’s life 🙂


One response to What We Really Want (Part 2 of 4)


    You really nailed it! That’s it exactly. John keeps asking me how I do it. Well, truthfully, I didn’t always, but now the healthy eating, martial arts and AIM give me the stamina I need to do all that I do. Its one stop shopping!

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