Archives For June 2016

It’s been two months since we opened Questers’ Way. What an awesome ride!

The energy of the place is amazing, and it’s been so cool watching over three thousand people flow through the center…each for their own reasons.

Every individual has “Quested” in their own unique way. When wandering through the center, you’ll see everything from kids learning to breakdance, to adults learning to paint, to families sharing dinner while playing Connect 4 and Uno.

I’ve personally had countless conversations with our many guests, and found a couple of common themes that kept popping up. The conversation would start with a chat about whatever neighborhood they came to visit that day: Maybe their child was playing in Pebble Park, or they had just finished an adult AIM fitness class in Move U.

The interesting thing was, regardless of why they came that day, after a couple minutes, we’d start talking about why they REALLY came. This would lead to a much deeper conversation about how each neighborhood in the center relates to each other, and how they could create a unique “Pathway” designed to get them where they wanted to go.

Through these conversations there were three underlying themes that stood out to me. Three outcomes people were looking for that really charged them up. You could see their transformation as we talked about one of these underlying ideas. They’d get more animated, energized, and excited. It was infectious.

So the next three blogs will be dedicated to what our guests are telling us they really want. Interestingly enough, it’s what everyone on the Questers’ Way team wants as well… not only for our guests, but for ourselves. We’re all sharing the journey.

More to follow 🙂