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The University of Movement

kenjcaputo —  February 7, 2016 — 3 Comments

We’re designed to move! And not just because of the physical benefits. When we move regularly, our brain functions better, our energy levels rise, our immune system is stronger, and we tend to be more emotionally balanced. Massive amounts of research support the importance of even moderate exercise.

Here’s a fun link to John Medina’s “Brain Rules” site if you want to learn a little about the dramatic impact exercise has on the brain.

It doesn’t take research to know that when we move, we feel better. Recently, I suffered a grade three AC separation that had me mostly immobilized for several weeks. (It was my Golden Retriever’s fault…long story) The disruption in my normal exercise routine had a massive impact on my level of focus and energy levels. I also ended up getting sick, which is a rarity for me.

Here’s the other thing about moving: we learn better when we are moving! Our brains are more engaged and alert because more oxygen is pumping through our cells. So how do we usually end up attempting to absorb information? Sitting at a desk in school, or in front of a screen at work. Not good. Some are beginning to combat this by using standing workstations and treadmill desks.

Which brings us to the purpose of “Move U”. Since we learn best by moving, doesn’t it make sense to improve our ability to learn while we’re actually moving? In a Move U program, you develop a capacity to learn that will spill over into school, work, or just picking up anew skill for the fun of it.

Each program helps you learn how to “balance” your brain through whole-brain synchronization exercises. You learn how to reduce Cortisol levels, a stress-related hormone that decreases the brains ability to process information. You learn to adopt a growth mindset, which has a dramatic impact on our ability to learn new things and achieve higher levels of proficiency at virtually anything.

The coolest part is: it doesn’t matter how you choose to move. Dance, stretch, punch, tumble, or free-form…you choose a course of study. Just like at a university, it can be as diverse as you’d like, or you can specialize.

The expression doesn’t matter. All that matters is that:
You Move… “Move, you!”… Move U… Get it?moveu_trans

Today the Sign Went Up…

kenjcaputo —  February 3, 2016 — 8 Comments

It’s just a sign. But it’s not. For some reason it made this whole project seem so much more real. We’ve invested so much time and passion into making this happen for so long.

It kind of feels like when you’ve had your head down just concentrating on running the race as hard as you can, then you pick your head up and…surprise!…there’s the finish line.

Of course, this is really just another starting line.

The start of something amazing.

The team we’re putting together is incredible. The impact we plan to make is immeasurable. Our community deserves nothing less. This is shaping up to be even more than we had imagined.

Today the sign went up, and it feels like everything shifted is some indefinable way.

Seeing “Questers’ Way” stamped on the side of a building for the world to see lead to this crazy spontaneous celebration that ripped through social media before the letters were even dry. So many people congratulating, sharing, and anticipating…simply amazing.

Thank you everyone, for making it so much more than just a sign 🙂IMG_3346