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Best Party Ever

kenjcaputo —  December 31, 2015 — 2 Comments

“That was the best party ever!”

What a cool thing to hear from your kids.

We think a lot on what makes a kid’s birthday party memorable.

For the kids, it’s all about the interactions with their friends:
Are they having fun?
What kind of cool activities do they get to do?
Do they feel special…the star of the show?

For parents, it really comes down to this:
“No mess, no stress”

Set-up and clean-up can be a little overwhelming, and we always worry that things won’t come together as planned.

Our Adventure Birthday Parties are designed with these things in mind.
Here’s a quick video if you’d like to hear a little more:


Food and Optimal Health

kenjcaputo —  December 28, 2015 — 4 Comments

A few months ago, I went food crazy. (In a good way)

You see, we’re opening a cafe in Questers’ Way, and it’s important that the food choices support the purpose of the center. Part of that purpose is to help families live healthy, balanced lives. (With a lot of fun sprinkled in to everything we do, of course)

So, I went food crazy to find out how important what we eat really is to our overall health. Now, I’m already in good shape and have always eaten reasonably well. Here’s what I changed:

Eating only “single ingredient foods”. That means nothing processed or made with corn oil, soy, etc. Pretty much I’ve been eating lean meat, fruits, veggies, seeds, eggs, and supplementing with a high quality protein powder in my daily shakes.

Including healthy fats like avocado oil & coconut oil in the foods I prepare.

Getting carbs from healthy sources likesweet potatoes and whole grain rice.

The result? Increased energy, more muscle, and no joint pain. I can run without knee pain for the first time in years. I simply cannot believe how good I feel.

Yep, food makes a HUGE difference. Crossroads Cafe will not only serve foods that will help you feel this way, it will also help you learn to do this for yourself and your family.

Check out this video to find out a little more about our super cool cafe 🙂