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We’ve had quite a bit of interest in employment opportunities at Questers’ Way. Yes we will be hiring both full and part time employees for the center.

Warning! We do things a little different. Our methods for vetting and hiring are not the norm. For example, applying for a job begins with this blog and a series of videos presented by a dude in a “Life is Good” t-shirt.
If you’re looking for a formal, stuffy setting, or a more traditional retail-type job, this might not be a good fit for you. If, on the other hand, you’re looking for something unique, fun, and very high-energy…read on ūüôā

So, if you’re looking to join our team, here’s the first step:

Below are links to a series of videos that give you an overview of who we are looking to hire. There are also short videos that provide some detail regarding the positions we have available. (Make sure you watch the first video to the end and follow the directions if you wish to apply for a position.)

Watch the Employment Overview video first:
Employment Overview

Crossroads Cafe
We are looking for “Food Enthusiasts” to help create and prepare healthy dishes for children and adults. The position will also involve in-house catering for events of 15 – 25 participants.
Learn more here: Food Service Position

Pebble Park
If you love working with kids, a position in our indoor park might be for you. Team members will interact, play and educate in a variety of ways. There are two types of park positions available. Both will be very hands-on and interactive.
Learn more here:
Park Educator Position
Park ranger Position

Move U
We will be offering a diverse series of movement-based programs for children and adults. Examples include:
Instructional classes like dance, cheer, and martial arts.
Health and wellness like Yoga, Tai Chi, and Chi Kung.
Fitness programs like Zumba, Kickboxing, and athletic cross-training.
Learn more here: Move U Position

Simply Celebrate & Adventure Birthday Parties
Questers’ Way will have three rooms for event hosting. We will be looking for organized, creative, individuals who can coordinate and host amazing parties for kids and families.
Learn more here: Party Coordinator Position

Front Desk Position
Finally, we will be looking for capable, responsible individuals to work the front desk.
Learn more here: Front Desk Position

One last thing….
It would be a really good idea to watch the video in this post, which gives a more in-depth explanation of Questers’ Way and our purpose.
You can also follow our journey to the grand opening by liking our Facebook Page:

12 Minutes of…..

kenjcaputo —  November 4, 2015 — 3 Comments

Lisa asked me to give her an explanation of Questers’ Way. It was’t planned or rehearsed. Once I got warmed up, I couldn’t shut up. It actually ended up being¬†a pretty good overview¬†of Questers’ Way and its purpose. Feel free to check it out:)

By the way, we’ve already had quite few people ask about job opportunities. If that’s you, watching this video would be a good way to get a feel for who we are and what we’re about.

So…here’s a 12 minute riff on Questers” Way.